Interesting facts about Marxism and Soviet Society


Das Kapital consists of three volumes of work; however, Marx only wrote the first book just prior to his death, while Engels wrote the second and third using Marx's memoirs.

Marx and Engels are orthodox Marxists, not social democrats. They did not advocate reformism, working through legal means, or petit bourgeois tactics. To them, the only goal of Marxism is to overthrow the status quo, not drizzle sugar on it.


The Communist Manifesto only took 6-7 weeks to write, and was published in London in 1848.


Communism and Anarchism fundamentally differ over the question of role of the state. Leon Trotsky’s comments on the state sum up the argument rather well: 

“The bourgeoisie says: don’t touch the state power; it is the sacred hereditary privilege of the educated classes. But the Anarchists say: don’t touch it; it is an infernal invention, a diabolical device, don’t have anything to do with it. The bourgeoisie says, don’t touch it, it’s sacred. The Anarchists say: don’t touch it, because it’s sinful. Both say: don’t touch it. But we say: don’t just touch it, take it in your hands, and set it to work in your own interests, for the abolition of private ownership and the emancipation of the working class.” (Leon Trotsky, How The Revolution Armed, Vol. 1, 1918. London: New Park, 1979)

The Paris Commune was one of the first socialist governments to form in the West. When Napoleon III lost power in 1870, French proletariats overtook Paris during the onset of the Prussian War and ruled only for two months. It ended after a long battle between the French Army (government) and National Guard (proletariat) in a massacre known as The Bloody Week.


The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 would set the precedence for many other countries to fight for communism. In response, many reactionary (keep the status quo) socialist groups formed, including Nazism, Fascism, and Corporatism to counteract its influence. One such example was The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), which was formed after WWII to counteract rising Communist groups across Europe. They coerced countries into membership by employing false flag operations (Operation Gladio) and scapegoating the Soviet Union for Europe’s problems.


Our modern-day approach to capitalism is what Marxists would call “rentier capitalism”. It’s when the fat cats monopolise everything and contribute fuck all to society. 


Clara Zetkin organised the first International Women’s Day, was an avid feminist, and an active member of the german KPD (Communist Party of Germany). She collaborated extensively with Rosa Luxemburg, but fled for the Soviet Union after the rise of Hitler.

Humanitarian imperialism is furthering imperialism by driving people down “the road to Hell, paved with good intentions”. 


The Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Invasion of Syria by American proxies, the Invasion of Ukraine; nearly every war fought after 1991 has been a humanitarian imperialist war.

The most notorious organisations for “democracy building” are the: 

  • Open Society
  • National Endowment for Democracy
  • Independent Republican Institute
  • Council on Foreign Relations
  • Westminster Foundation for Democracy
  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

All of these organisations use soft power and propaganda to promote wars for regime change to further political agendas and extract resources.


The USSR was highly ambitions, and was a state of “firsts”. Throughout its’ history, it was the first country to:

  • Wipe out illiteracy
  • Provide free healthcare, university tuition, and worker’s pensions
  • Travel to outer space (Yuri Gagarin)
  • Have countries use its weapon (AK-47) in its flag design
  • Transplant a human head with full functionality
  • Create thermonuclear fusion
  • Invent the first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the R-7 Semyorka, which was used to design the first space shuttle.
  • Use a rover to explore space (Lunokhod 1) and artificial satellite (Sputnik 1)
  • Hyperbaric (underwater) welding

All of their achievements were done by scratch, without the help of international corporations.