There is a spectre haunting our world; a Beast of epic proportions which lives in the institutions of the IMF, World Bank, Wall Street, the military industrial complex, and the hearts of a tiny minority of oligarchs. In the seductive lull of the American dream, we have allowed the nightmare of capitalism’s contradictions to blossom into outright totalitarianism.
Brave comrades--people such as Marx, Lenin, Zetkin, Trotsky, and Luxemburg--warned us of these organic dangers of an unsustainable future in an industrialized world, the horrors of imperialism, the dire fight to procure a worker’s commons, and the importance of utilising a scientific, theoretical basis to establish a fair society for all. Our generation lives in the very thick of these warnings, and have inherited the challenges of a movement too nascent to be realized yet. Before this movement slips into the halls of a bourgeois and sheltered academia, the people on the ground must reawaken the Red Giant.
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